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Health by stealth™

This is a win-win. Clean plates and happy, healthy families.

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How can a pizza be healthy?

Other Pizzas

With a leading professor of nutrition and his team of doctors, we analysed many other pizzas to figure out why they are seen as “junk food“.  All of them had too much salt and saturated fat for one meal – some were more than the recommended amount for the full day!  They were also low in fibre, and there was very little information on the vitamins and minerals that those pizzas contained…

Saturated fat
Total fat

Pizza Power

We asked the professor of nutrition to join our team, then we set out to make the ultimate balanced meal by ensuring that each pizza gives you around 30% of the Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs).

Eat Balanced Pizza Power pizzas are naturally lower in the “bad” stuff like salt and saturated fat, and higher in the “good” stuff like protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals – just the right levels for good health.

Saturated fat
Total fat

A focus on flavour

With our professor of nutrition, we have figured out how to include all the nutrients you need in one pizza using only the best, tasty, natural ingredients. We focus on flavour. We have all the items you would expect in a pizza – Ripe tomatoes, full-fat mozzarella cheese, oregano, untreated wheat flour, and a few other all natural additions


Our Customers

Eat Balanced want to be able to help everyone achieve a balanced diet.
We have found that there are certain areas where our products are best received.
Those are areas where people care about the health and nutrition of themselves and their family.

We are always happy to supply our products to wherever they will be enjoyed.
Please get in touch if you know somewhere that would suit!

  • Family Pubs

    We provide the kids pizzas for one of the leading pub chains in the UK.  They trust us to make and deliver more than 500,000 kids pizzas per year across their portfolio of sites.

  • Independent Schools

    Teenagers can be fussy.  Pizza would usually be a popular choice.  Now with our creative innovation, pizza IS the right fuel for developing minds.

  • Hotels

    We are revolutionising the menus for business travellers.  No longer is the room service menu a sign of stodge.  Get fuelled properly while you are travelling.

What others say about us

Helen Wallace

“We’re delighted to be able to include the Pizza Power Kids on our new kids menu.  The menu was created by our Little Leaders,  ten children who won a national competition to help us shape our new menu. They picked the Under the Sea theme for the menu and voted the new cheese and tomato pizza as a firm favourite – and it’s great we’re keeping parents happy too with a healthy option.”

Helen WallaceBrand Manager, Fayre & SquareFayre & Square website
Lucy Jones

“For most of us, eating foods in the right balance is key to good health.  Our busy lifestyles mean this is a struggle for many.

The guys at Eat Balanced have really cleverly provided a tasty balanced meal in a convenient package.”

Lucy JonesDietitian, Channel 4’s Food DoctorLucy on twitter


Beating the burger vans!

We are spreading the word and making sure that everyone can enjoy a hot, tasty, balanced meals.
We’ve been to so many sports events and been frustrated that the only options available are junk food – cheap burgers, chips, donuts…
We’re on a mission to change that, so we are going to as many sporting events as possible with our van.
Please get in touch with us if you want to have our van at your event.