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Health by stealth™

This is a win-win. Clean plates and happy, healthy families.

How can a pizza be healthy!?

A focus on flavour

With our professor of nutrition, we have figured out how to include all the nutrients you need in one pizza using only the best, tasty, natural ingredients. We focus on flavour. We have all the items you would expect in a pizza – Ripe tomatoes, full-fat mozzarella cheese, oregano, untreated wheat flour, and a few other all natural additions

What others say about us

Stephenie Campbell

Aberdeen city council decided to try a new pizza product and selected Pizza Power Kids, as it was not only tasty but also nutritious for the children. As a cook of a busy kitchen it’s a weight off knowing that the pizzas are nutritionally made off site and delivered to us ready to cook and serve. The children enjoy the tasty red pepper tomato sauce and the softly melted cheese. I’d say they are definitely a winner in my school and would recommend this product.”

Stephenie CampbellCook in Charge, Hazelhead School
Anne Mitchell

“We were delighted to put a new Pizza Power Kids 5″ product on the menu as it ticked so many boxes on healthy eating. It also helps us to maintain our “Taste our Best” accreditation, which recognises and celebrates excellent quality food and drink from Scottish companies.”

Anne MitchellOn-Board Development Manager, Calmac FerriesCalmac Ferries

Why eat a balanced diet?

iStock_000009162866SmallBalanced diet

We are often told that we should “eat a balanced diet”, but what does this actually mean?   Our professor of nutrition explains the importance of achieving a balanced diet, and why we need each of the main nutrient groups (fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre) and where we can find good, natural sources of them.

Of course, our pizzas have all been designed to provide you with natural sources of all of the nutrients you need, so you could just eat one of them for a tasty, balanced meal, but we understand that you won’t eat them every day!

Enjoy a healthier life by understanding the benefits of a balanced diet with our helpful information.