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Nutrient density versus calorie density

We are what we eat. It’s a commonly used phrase and one that really rings true when you dig deep into the benefits of eating healthily. One of the most important parts of any diet is to eat nutrient dense food or, in other words, food that gives you plenty of nutrients for relatively low […]

Pizza too salty

In the survey which has been announced today by World Action on Salt & Health (WASH), pizzas are being highlighted as a major source of our salt intake.  The average pizza is too salty.  Coverage in Metro, Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail. The UK survey found that nearly three quarters (73%) of all restaurants and takeaway […]

Pizza and 5-a-day – Our opinion

Can pizza be one of your 5 a day? The potential for pizza providing one of your five-a-day portions of fruit and veg has been in the news a lot over the last day or so (Telegraph, Daily Mail).  Essentially, Public Health England has been considering whether the vegetable (or fruit) content in pizzas could be […]

Vitamin pills for kids: short-cut to good health or a danger?

Vitamin Pills for Kids The essential nutrients that your body needs can be put into pills, and they are very valuable for some people, in medically-defined situations: when there is proved deficiency or risk of deficiency, when capacity to absorb vitamins is impaired e.g. with coeliac disease or after bowel surgery. Vitamin pills may be […]