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Pizza Power Kids on healthier kids’ menu in Fullers pubs

The large UK independent pub chain, Fullers, spring into healthy eating action with the launch of an innovative healthier kids’ menu across 136 sites in June.

Developed by Scottish start-up Eat Balanced, their Pizza Power Kids range, means that children enjoy one of their favourite foods, without knowing it’s better for them.

There is no denying that children love pizza.  It regularly tops the list of favourites at family restaurants,” confirms Katie Sillars, Sales and Marketing Director at Eat Balanced.  “However, most of them would not readily accept a meal that they think is “healthy”. Our pizzas have been designed with a professor of nutrition, so that they look and taste like a normal pizza but have some additional nutrient-packed natural ingredients sneaked in there.  We’re delighted that Fullers have embraced our ‘health by stealth’ concept.”

According to research from the Schools Food Trust, health is a key consideration for parents when eating out with some 87% saying that they would like to see healthier childrens’ menus.  However, the “healthy option” can often be shunned by the kids themselves.

Fullers Pubs Company, Paul Dickinson, Executive Chef stated;

“This is the first time we have featured pizza on our kids’ menu.  We go to great lengths to source fresh and high quality foods for our adult’s menus as well as our kids’ menu.  We’ve worked hard to deliver dishes with low salt content. The seaweed used in Pizza Power Kids to replace salt, is a brilliant idea, and you can’t see it or taste it.  Along with the other innovative ingredients, it’s a great product and we are very positive that the kids and parents will all agree.”

Eat Balanced are helping food service operators and caterers sell more of the “healthy option” with a healthier kids’ menu, with it also being affordable, and are currently working on re-inventing other kids’ favourite foods into nutritionally balanced meals.

Eat Balanced has created a range of point-of-sale materials, appropriate for family restaurants, education, leisure and sports venue, to help operators promote the new kids’ pizzas to parents.

The Pizza Power Kids range are supplied frozen and are available UK wide through major food service distributors and operators, for more information, contact Katie Sillars on

CalMac adds healthy, Scottish innovation to its childrens’ menu

Healthy childrens menu

Launched during Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink, an innovative Scottish pizza made using Scottish seaweed is proving popular with kids on board Caledonian MacBrayne ferries.Pizza Power Kids

The company behind the innovation, Eat Balanced, believes in making it easier and enjoyable for kids to eat a balanced diet, with a new children’s range branded “Pizza Power Kids“.  The pizzas have been designed with a leading Professor of Nutrition, to be high in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and lower in salt, fat and sugar.

Since moving its manufacturing to Scotland earlier this year, Glasgow-based Eat Balanced has continued to develop its original concept with more nutritious ingredients.  CalMac was particulary excited about the use of seaweed, sourced from the crystal clear waters off the Isle of Lewis, which is used in the base to replace salt and add essential minerals.

Anne Mitchell, CalMac’s On Board Development Manager, says:

“We were delighted to put a new pizza on the menu that ticked so many boxes on healthy eating. It also helps us to maintain our “Taste our Best” accreditation, which recognises and celebrates excellent quality food and drink from Scottish companies.”

The “Taste our Best” scheme has been developed with Visit Scotland and Bidvest Foodservice Scotland as a way to encourage both internal and overseas tourists to sample and enjoy locally sourced produce from across Scotland.

ClearlPizza Power Kidsy, creating a tasty pizza is one of the most important factors for a successful kid’s menu item.  Brand Director for Eat Balanced, Katie Sillars, states:

“The Pizza Power Kids motto is ‘Health by Stealth.’  The kids don’t necessarily need to know that it’s actually good for them, as long as they enjoy it and there are clean plates at the end.   However, parents can rest assured that these are the most nutritious pizzas that we could make without the children being able to tell the difference.  Our aim is to improve children’s nutrition by reinventing kids’ favourite foods into tasty balanced meals.”

The new healthy children’s pizza can be found on the Mariners Menu on-board Caledonian MacBrayne ferries across Scotland.


Notes to Editors

*Eat Balanced is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and currently sells its new Pizza Power Kids range into education, leisure and pub chains across the UK.

*For more information go to

Pizza Power Kids

Pizza Power Kids – breakthrough in healthy eating

According to research by The Schools Food Trust, health is a key consideration for parents when eating out, with some 87% saying that they would like to see healthier children’s menus*.

As a result, award winning Scottish start up, Eat Balanced has developed the innovative new Pizza Power Kids pizza. The firm believes their new pizza, which cleverly contains all the relevant vitamins and minerals yet half the saturated fat and less than half the salt than other pizzas aimed at kids, will offer UK food operators a way of selling much more of the “healthy option” than they normally would as well as attracting the family market.


Already, Fayre & Square is featuring the children’s pizza on its new kids menu launched in over 130 of its family-focussed pub restaurants across the UK.

Helen Wallace, brand manager for Fayre & Square, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to include the Pizza Power Kids on our new kids menu. The menu was created by our Little Leaders, ten children who won a national competition to help us shape our new menu. They picked the Under the Sea theme for the menu and voted the new cheese and tomato pizza as a firm favourite – and it’s great we’re keeping parents happy too with a healthy option.”

Eat Balanced’s new Pizza Power Kids cheese and tomato pizza represents a complete balanced meal for children, providing 15% of all the GDA nutrients a child needs for good health. It is also a healthier menu choice because its sodium level is just 3.5% in part due to its seaweed base, compared with 40% levels of salt used by other brands.

Katie Sillars, Brand Director at Eat Balanced adds;

“Our pizzas have been designed in conjunction with Professor of Nutrition, Mike Lean, so that the nutrition information can be trusted, they also look and taste like a normal pizza, but have the right levels of protein, fat, salt, fibre, vitamins and minerals using all natural ingredients. Kids see a yummy pizza, not a healthy meal – that’s why we call it ‘health by stealth’ because it is only if they ask for more information that parents realise that our pizza actually represents a much healthier option.”

Our kids 5 inch pizza

Our kids 5 inch pizza

Donnie Maclean, Founder and CEO of Eat Balanced comments;

“Pizza is one of the most popular childrens’ foods in the UK and we believe our products offers a convenient family-friendly dish that will support future volumes and value growth for food service operators. We know that kids love them and parents love what we have achieved in terms of health. One of the most exciting aspects of our development is that we can help the food service industry sell more of the “healthy option” than is currently possible, making this a win-win-win for operators, parents and children. ”

To support the concept Eat Balanced has created a range of point-of-sale materials to help operators promote the new kids’ pizzas and help parents understand why they are good for kids. In addition, Eat Balanced has also devised a comprehensive resource on our website Why Eat Balanced to indicate the importance of fats, carbohydrates, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals which can further assist parents seeking advice on a more balanced diet for their kids.

Pizza Power Kids new 5″ pizzas and party slab are supplied frozen and are available to all food service outlets. For information on how to stock the Pizza Power Kids’ range – download our Pizza Power Kids product brochure.


For further product information or images, please contact Katie Sillars, / 07876594887

Youngsters trial world’s first healthy kids pizza

Youngsters attending Enchanted Forest Nursery in Thornliebank will be the first in the UK to ‘taste test’ the world’s first nutrionally balanced pizza for children, due to be launched to market later this year by Glasgow company, Eat Balanced.

The Southside nursery has been selected following discussions  between owners, husband and wife partnerships Bernie and Mariessa Devlin with award winning company Eat Balanced who launched what many are describing as the ‘world’s first healthy pizza’ back in 2012 and which is currently available in Sainsbury’s and website retail giant,

The new 7inch round and 15inch x 9inch slab healthy kids pizza, available in Cheese and Tomato, will be taste-tested by a group of 25 youngsters, aged from 3-5 years, on Friday 8 November at the award winning nursery in Spiersbridge Business Park in Thornliebank.

Donnie Maclean, founder of Eat Balanced notes;

“There is no denying that children love pizza, however, quite rightly, parents are careful in how often this is served to youngsters, because of the high calorie, salt and fat content. Creating a nutrionally balanced range for children was the next logical step for our brand and setting up these trials with Enchanted Forest Nursery is an exciting opportunity for us to get instant feedback from our target market.”

Eat Balanced new kid’s pizzas have been designed for Food Standard Association guidelines for primary age children, including all the main nutrients, including important vitamins and minerals. It contains almost half the calories and less than 60% fat to other frozen pizza brands and is the first to include seaweed in their base.  This is healthier because its sodium level is just 3.5% compared with 40% in salt used by other brands. Eat Balanced use all natural ingredients with no fortifications.

Mariessa Devlin, co-founding Director of Enchanted Forest Nursery adds;

“Within the nurseries, we are vigilant about providing healthy lunches and snacks to our youngsters so currently pizza is not on the menu. When Donnie explained that a nutrionally balanced range was being created for children, we consulted with our Parents’ committees and agreed to assist in the taste trials. This could be the ideal way for us to offer pizza to the children, without the guilt!”

The Eat Balanced healthy kids pizzas will be sampled by children attending Enchanted Forest Nursery in Greenock later this month.

Get in touch with Donnie Maclean, founder and managing director, if you’re interested in the healthy kids pizzas 0141 366 3669,