Thanks for your interest in our Pizza Power product range.  We would love to understand how our product range can suit your organisation, or if there is anything that we could develop to suit you.  Please fill out the quick contact form so that we can send you our product brochure or contact us directly.


Can you send me your price list?

Yes, we’d be happy to send you our full product brochure along with our price list.  Simply fill out the Product Brochure Request form (takes less than 60 seconds) and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you provide point of sale materials?

Yes, we can provide a range of point of sale materials to suit your venue.  If you are hosting a trial, we can provide these FREE of charge.  Please contact us and we can send you some examples.

Do you have a minimum order?

For direct delivery, we usually ask for a minimum of 1 pallet across the full product range. We’re happy to discuss this on a case by case basis.   Contact us and tell us your requirements, and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

What is your order and delivery lead times?

We aim to work on an order day 1 and deliver day 3 basis.  We can accommodate urgent deliveries, within a 24 hour window, if necessary.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Why are your pizzas better than the ones I currently stock?

The product for your customers

We understand that caterers are under pressure to provide ‘healthier’ options.  Our pizzas are a complete balanced meal for kids, and tick the right boxes, in terms of salt, saturated fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals.   We’ve achieved this using all natural ingredients, and with all the same great taste.

The message to your customers

Most people associate ‘healthy’ food as being dry and tasteless, resulting in poor sales.  Kids don’t need to know they’re eating a healthy product.  We call this “health by stealth”, resulting in a Win-Win situation for kids, parent’s and caterers.

Contact us to arrange a trial.

Can you do an exclusive toppings and products for us?

We’re always looking for ways to innovate, so yes, we can.  We’d be happy to discuss this with you.

What type of customers do you supply?

Our food service customers include; independent schools, nurseries / play centres, sports and leisure facilities, stadiums, hotels and pub chains.

We’re always looking to add to this list, if it seems right for the customer.

Do you do toppings?

We do have the capability to do “healthy toppings” if required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Are you selling internationally?

We are keen to explore international opportunities and work with distributors.  Please contact us, if you are interested in supplying our products in your country of residence.

Product brochure request

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