The Nutritional Requirements for Scottish schools were passed by the Scottish Government in 2008.  Scottish schools were the first in the UK to implement regulations on nutrition, and at Eat Balanced, with our mission to make it easier for kids to achieve a balanced diet, we welcome the forward thinking approach.

Healthy Food

Under the Act, the food and drink served in local authority schools, as well as being tasty and appealing, must meet nutritional standards laid down by the Scottish Government. This applies not just to school lunches, but to food served in breakfast clubs and after school clubs, and sold in tuck shops and from vending machines.

How does Pizza Power Kids compare?

Since caterers need to plan their lunch menus to ensure that the food and drinks on offer over a school week average out to meet the nutrient standards, we wanted to make it easier for caterers to achieve this.  With Pizza Power Kids multi-serve pizza, a portion (100g) contains all the nutrients required.

As our pizzas have been designed with a leading professor of nutrition at University of Glasgow, we ensure that they are as nutritious as we can make them without the kids knowing the difference.  With regards to the nutritional requirements for Scottish schools, we are the only pizza that can tick all the boxes, down to the vitamins and minerals.