• Pizza Panda by Pizza Power Kids

  • Pizza Panda by Pizza Power Kids

  • Pizza Panda by Pizza Power Kids

  • Pizza Panda by Pizza Power Kids

“Pizza Panda” by Pizza Power Kids

Most kids love pizza – even the fussy eaters.  However, most parents wouldn’t want their kids to eat a normal pizza more than once a week because they are often seen as “junk food”.

Pizza Power Kids has reversed that problem.  We make tasty pizzas that kids love, but which are actually good for them!  This is definitely not junk food.  Each pizza gives all the nutrients that kids need at the right levels – a complete balanced meal.  Happy, healthy kids – Happy parents.  All great stuff!

These “Pizza Pandas” are ideal for younger kids at busy venues, such as family theme parks, zoos, holiday parks, family cafes and many more.

Why are they better?

Sauce all the way to the edge so that they eat their crusts and nutritious veg through the sauce, so that they can’t pick off the toppings. Smart pizzas for smart kids!


No Junk!

Unbleached wheat flour, water, wholemeal flour, yeast, Seagreens seaweed, rapeseed oil, tomato sauce (25.7%), red pepper puree, Mozzarella & cheddar cheese blend (20.5%)

Allergy advice

  • Contains gluten, Wheat, Yeast and Dairy (milk products).
  • Lovingly prepared in a nut free factory
  • Suitable for veggies

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