Pizza Power Kids on healthier kids’ menu in Fullers pubs

The large UK independent pub chain, Fullers, spring into healthy eating action with the launch of an innovative healthier kids’ menu across 136 sites in June.

Developed by Scottish start-up Eat Balanced, their Pizza Power Kids range, means that children enjoy one of their favourite foods, without knowing it’s better for them.

There is no denying that children love pizza.  It regularly tops the list of favourites at family restaurants,” confirms Katie Sillars, Sales and Marketing Director at Eat Balanced.  “However, most of them would not readily accept a meal that they think is “healthy”. Our pizzas have been designed with a professor of nutrition, so that they look and taste like a normal pizza but have some additional nutrient-packed natural ingredients sneaked in there.  We’re delighted that Fullers have embraced our ‘health by stealth’ concept.”

According to research from the Schools Food Trust, health is a key consideration for parents when eating out with some 87% saying that they would like to see healthier childrens’ menus.  However, the “healthy option” can often be shunned by the kids themselves.

Fullers Pubs Company, Paul Dickinson, Executive Chef stated;

“This is the first time we have featured pizza on our kids’ menu.  We go to great lengths to source fresh and high quality foods for our adult’s menus as well as our kids’ menu.  We’ve worked hard to deliver dishes with low salt content. The seaweed used in Pizza Power Kids to replace salt, is a brilliant idea, and you can’t see it or taste it.  Along with the other innovative ingredients, it’s a great product and we are very positive that the kids and parents will all agree.”

Eat Balanced are helping food service operators and caterers sell more of the “healthy option” with a healthier kids’ menu, with it also being affordable, and are currently working on re-inventing other kids’ favourite foods into nutritionally balanced meals.

Eat Balanced has created a range of point-of-sale materials, appropriate for family restaurants, education, leisure and sports venue, to help operators promote the new kids’ pizzas to parents.

The Pizza Power Kids range are supplied frozen and are available UK wide through major food service distributors and operators, for more information, contact Katie Sillars on

Vitamin pills for kids: short-cut to good health or a danger?

Vitamin Pills for Kids

The essential nutrients that your body needs can be put into pills, and they are very valuable for some people, in medically-defined situations: when there is proved deficiency or risk of deficiency, when capacity to absorb vitamins is impaired e.g. with coeliac disease or after bowel surgery.

Vitamin pills may be useful for kids who don’t eat properly balanced diets, such as extremely fussy eaters, but a vitamin pill cannot deliver the same range of nutrients as foods can.  They can also be dangerous.

Fat soluble vitamins tend to accumulate in the body so high dose supplements could potentially cause toxicity.  This is known to happen with Vitamin A and D, but only at extreme levels of intake.

Because it is known that people with poor diets have more heart disease, strokes and cancers, many people go out and buy vitamin pills, especially the so-called antioxidant vitamins, A, C and E.  But, when the research was properly done, in huge numbers of people, it turns out that taking these extra vitamins actually caused MORE heart disease and earlier deaths!

Medical advice is therefore not to take extra vitamins.  It is not clear why supermarkets and so-called ‘health-food shops’ are allowed to continue to sell vitamin pills without prescriptions.  Many people will have heart disease as a consequence, and a legal challenge is probably required.

The best course, without doubt, is to avoid vitamin pills, in fact avoid illness and the need for any pills if possible, and to Eat Balanced!