Wholesale Healthy Pizza Supplier in the UK

Our delicious pizzas can be purchased directly from Brakes and Bidvest or you can get in touch to arrange a trial of our products.

Pizza Power Kids pizzas are popular with children whenever they dine out.

Where to buy Pizza Power Kids pizzas

  • 15″ x 11″ Cheese & Tomato Multiserve Pizzas – Case of 12
  • Brakes Code: 113092
  • 5 inch Cheese & Tomato Pizzas – Case of 40
  • Brakes Code: 112968
  • 15″ x 11″ Cheese & Tomato Multiserve Pizzas – Case of 12
  • Bidfood Code: 99568
  • 5 inch Cheese & Tomato Pizzas – Case of 40
  • Bidfood Code: 97054

What can Pizza Power do for your business?

Whether you’re looking to improve the nutrition content of your menu for children, or are looking for an innovative meal solution, our “Health by Stealth” approach aims to suit your needs.

With a reputation built on credible research and innovative ingredients, our tasty and nutritious kids pizzas are designed to save time and money whilst helping kids to achieve a balanced diet.

We provide marketing support to help launch Pizza Power which focuses on the importance of eating a balanced diet and having an active lifestyle.


    When you are competing with fast food chains it can be difficult to differentiate your menu.  We’re here to help by offering healthy and innovative pizzas that are popular with kids but with parents too.  We also tick the boxes on salt, fat and sugar, for caterers with the Healthy Living Award – bonus!


    With more families eating out, often they are looking for a good quality but affordable meal.  We understand that cooking from scratch is not always possible in a busy kitchen, so our frozen pizzas offer a premium solution.  With Pizza Power Kids you can serve a consistent nutritionally balanced meal, that is quick to cook and will please even the fussiest of children.