Pizza for schools

Eat Balanced is a leading UK supplier of pizza for schools.  Pizzas are a popular meal at school but can be high in fat and salt and low in fibre, protein and vitamins.  We understand the need to keep kids happy and also achieve a balanced menu over the school week.  Eat Balanced’s Pizzas are tasty, quick to cook and cost effective pizza that are better for kids.  They are a healthier choice due to their innovative ingredients to create the perfect tasty recipe.

If you are looking for pizza for your school, please contact us now to arrange a trial.

Council Schools

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Our best selling pizza for schools is our 15″ x 11″ multi-serve cheese and tomato pizza as it ticks the following:

⦁ Quick to cook
⦁ Cost effective
⦁ Quality ingredients
⦁ Serves large numbers
⦁ Meets the Scottish school nutrition regulations
⦁ Meets the Soil Assocation Food for Life Bronze Award


“We’d previously been making pizzas from scratch, but decided to give Pizza Power Kids a go when we heard about their health credentials. We trialled the pizzas in various Primary schools and the kids loved them. We had our first Pizza Day last week, and it was the lowest level of waste we’ve had on a pizza day! It saves us over 2 hours compared to making from scratch and they are very affordable.”

Janice Chmylowskyj, Catering Manager, Nov. 2015