Meet the Team

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Donnie Maclean

Donnie Maclean

Founder and CEO

Donnie came up with the original idea of a balanced pizza and has been at the helm through the "false start" in the supermarkets, bringing the business through choppy waters into it’s now successful position within schools, family restaurants and the leisure sector.

Donnie is on the board of directors for Scotland Food and Drink, and provides a voice for other innovative food and drink start ups, as well as ensuring that health and sustainability are part of the ongoing focus of the industry. See

He also sits on the board for the Scottish Government’s Food Commission, whose aim is to make Scotland a Good Food Nation by 2025.

Donnie speaks at many events, schools and networks on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, public health, nutrition and general business.

Professor Mike Lean

Professor Mike Lean

Chief Scientific Officer

Prof Mike Lean is Eat Balanced’s Nutrition guru. He makes sure our recipes stack up to their claims; the right levels of your main nutrients to make up a balanced meal.

Mike is an internationally renowned nutrition academic, medical doctor, and Head of the Human Nutrition section at University of Glasgow. Prof. Lean has published over 400 scientific and research papers, advised several governments on food and health issues, and frequently speaks at conferences and on TV and radio. He chaired the Research Committee of the UK Food Standards Agency, and the Nutrition subcommittee of Diabetes UK, both in London, and was on the Board of the Health Education Board for Scotland for 8 years.